Is old hardware saving or costing you money?


Most technology doesn’t age as gracefully as we’d like. Did you know that in the technology world, a piece of equipment is considered “old” if it’s more than 4 years old?

People think that hanging onto old hardware isn’t a bad thing and saves them money. If it still works, but is just a little slow, why replace it? In fact, these older pieces of equipment could actually be costing you money, time and even customers.

Ask yourself these questions:

- Are you still using a traditional phone system that prevents you from experiencing advanced features?
- Do you often make the comment about how slow your computer is running?
- Have you experienced your fair share of trouble with virus and malware infections?
- Have you ever experienced a hard drive failure or data loss? Where everything you had “saved” is just magically gone?

Technology is continually evolving and it can feel daunting to keep up with. It can be easy to hold on to the technology you have because you’re comfortable and familiar with how it works. Maybe you’re concerned about learning how to use the new technology and how much time it will take to update your company to the newest hardware. While this does rationally sound like it’s saving money, it’s actually harming your business’s bottom line.

We’ve seen businesses realize the benefits of updating their technology time and time again.

Four of the biggest reasons for these benefits are:

- Improved reputation in the marketplace – companies with modern technology and equipment are viewed as being more innovative and efficient
- Decreased operational expenses – your new technology won’t have the same virus and malware or speed issues that outdated and possibly unsupported hardware has.
- Enhanced customer service – modern technology can give you access to real time information, and better collaboration/communication tools to help your customers
- Peace of mind – If you’ve ever experienced a hard drive failure or data loss you understand how catastrophic it can be. By implementing the correct tools, you can know that even if your hard drive fails, all of your data is backed up somewhere safe.

It may seem daunting and sometimes impossible to update your technology, but with the right help and information, spending the money on the new technology now will save you money down the road.

By choosing Tera Technology Group as your IT provider, we will provide you with the technology you need to be successful in running your business. Let us take care of these common concerns so that it’s one less thing you to worry about.