Server Hosting

Server Hosting

Tera Technology’s Co-location Services offer an affordable strategy to reap the benefits of a high tech, co-location without incurring huge, upfront and reoccurring costs. Tera Technology’s Colocation Services provide a robust design and support to ensure high availability of assets and services that are deployed within its co-location environment. Additionally, support for multiple connectivity options is available to ensure diverse routing and high availability for the most stringent business continuity and disaster recovery plan requirements. With high-speed connection, a customer can access far more bandwidth than it could on its own. Additional benefits include the following:


Security & Data Protection:

Data breaches have increased year over year and there’s no end in sight. With data regulations becoming stricter, and penalties becoming more expensive, a data breach can spell disaster. Mission critical operations require the highest level of security. As co-location services provider, Tera Technology can deliver maximum security through a combination of multiple layers including: onsite security, code entry, cabinet and cage locks, and 24x7 camera surveillance.

Maximum Availability:

Organizations rely heavily on high availability for important business processes. Tera Technology strives for 100 percent uptime availability. Multiple layers of redundancy for backup internet and power ensure the co-locationed space is always available and secure. Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and high power battery backups are provided. Backup generators are available if need be.


With colocation, your IT team has the choice of maintaining their own equipment or using Tera Technology Group's remote hands-on service to supplement maintenance and management of servers and equipment. With around the clock access to Tera Technology Group's IT experts, you have the peace of mind that a professional will always be available to troubleshoot or assist with IT infrastructure.